General conditions

INTRODUCTION: The purpose of these General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to
as the "GSC") is to establish the respective obligations of the owner and the customer in
their contractual relations with respect to the sale of individual stays. Any reservation made
implies full application by the customer and total adhesion to the GCS which shall prevail
over any other document, except by written agreement of the owner or his representative.
These general conditions apply to all customers.

Article 1: Reservation - payment methods - OPTIONS
An individual reservation can only have a firm and definitive contractual nature if the
customer provides the following documents:
- Return of the contract signed by the customer and the owner-lessor via DocuSign (secure
electronic signature service) within a maximum of eight days from the date of confirmation of
the reservation.
- If the reservation is made more than thirty days before arrival: an initial payment within
eight days of receipt of the contract in the form of a bank transfer or a bank card payment in
euros (of an amount specified below).
The second payment corresponding to the balance of the rental amount shall be made thirty
days before arrival. NB: after this period, if we have not received payment of your balance,
we will consider your reservation as cancelled and we will return the amount paid for the
period reserved for rental.
- If the reservation is made less than thirty days before arrival: the entire stay shall be paid
for upon signature of the contract.
- In all cases, services and optional extras shall be paid for in euros on-site upon arrival.
The prices appearing on the website and in the contracts are prices in euros inclusive of tax.
They vary according to the type of housing and the time of year. The agreed price will, if
necessary, be increased if a change in price is made necessary following a change in tax
regulations, and in particular an increase in the rate of VAT.
The payment methods are as follows:
- Bank cards for settlement of the first payment, services and optional extras (plus 2% bank
- French cheques in euros for the payment of services and optional extras.
- Bank transfers in euros (the transfer costs are your responsibility) for the initial payment
and the balance of the rental amount.
- Cash in euros for the balance of the rental amount, services and optional extras.

The total price includes the following:
- Tourist taxes;
- Water, electricity and heating charges (except any increase mentioned during booking);
- Internet access;
- Obligatory end-of-stay cleaning (included in services and optional extras);
- Depending on the property, optional extras may be selected upon signing this contract (see
- Insurance: Damage to property following fire, explosion or flooding;
Claims by neighbours and third parties; Damage to movable and immovable assets
belonging to the owner of the leased property.
The price does not include:
- Transportation
- Food and drinks
- Activities
For safety reasons, the number of persons in the accommodation may in no case exceed
the number of persons mentioned in the contract. All additional persons not indicated to the
owner or his representative when signing the contract shall generate additional invoicing per
person and per night and may be considered as a termination clause without possibility of

ARTICLE 2: Transportation
The owner or his agent declines all responsibility if the customer cannot get to the location of
the rental regardless of the cause. No refunds will be given. In the event of cancellation of
your means of transport due to force majeure (terrorist attack, erupting volcano, war, civil
war, natural disaster, etc.), please contact your insurance company.

ARTICLE 3: Tourist tax
The tourist tax, collected on behalf of Greater Annecy, is included in the price of the stay.

ARTICLE 4: Deposit
The amount of the deposit and the related terms very depending on the accommodation
rented and are stipulated in the contract. The deposit shall be paid to the lessor via
transmission of the details of a bank card, a French banker's cheque or in cash. The amount
shall not be cashed. On the day possession is taken of the premises, the tenant must pay
the lessor or his agent the total amount of the deposit provided for in the special conditions.
This deposit, which does not bear interest, shall be refunded to him at the end of the rental,
as soon as possible, and at the latest, one month later, following deduction of any sums that
may be due to the lessor, either for cleaning costs or for replacing damaged or missing
objects, for any damage caused in the rented premises, or for rental or other costs. The

deposit cannot, in any case, be assigned by the tenant for the advance payment of the rent.
The tenant agrees to indemnify the lessor up to the amount of the damage suffered if the
deposit is found to be insufficient.

ARTICLE 5: Internal regulations
The tenant is required to comply with the internal regulations of the building, especially with
regard to noise (noisy evenings and the playing of music outside after 10pm are not
allowed), the use of waste chutes, waste bins and the use of parking spaces.
Domestic animals: The presence of a pet is not allowed, except by written agreement of the
owner or his agent.
Smoking is not allowed inside the accommodation. Please note that any smell of tobacco
detected in the accommodation will be subject to a deduction from the deposit (€200). Thank
you for respecting this rule as well as the aforementioned ones. Certain precautions may
avoid possible inconvenience. We remind you that personal belongings left inside your
apartment or villa when you vacate the premises cannot engage the responsibility of the
owner or his agent.

ARTICLE 6: Inventory and premises condition statement
The quality, the good general condition of the premises and level of the equipment of the
villas and apartments require acceptance on the part of the tenant of the principle of good
faith and honesty. The occupants must respect the premises and behave in a prudent and
responsible fashion. Upon arrival, the tenant must carry out the usual checks as well as
compliance checks on the general condition of the rented property. An inventory and a
premises condition statement will be made available to you when the keys are handed over.
They will be deemed valid if they are not contested with the lessor in writing within 24 hours
following delivery of the keys. They will be verified after the departure of the tenants.

ARTICLE 7: The owners responsibility:
The lessor must do as follows:
- Deliver to the tenant accommodation and furniture free from defects, in accordance with
with the description of the state of the premises and inventory; maintain the accommodation
in good rental condition; Return the deposit, except for retaining the sum which may be due
to him by tenant. The owner or his agent are not responsible for actions and activities
committed by the customer or by a guest to the villa or apartment. The owner or his agent
cannot be held responsible for the mechanical failure of equipment in the rental premises or
condominium (for example: gates, heating, TV channels, automatic pool cleaner, household
appliances, etc.), nor can he be held responsible for a problem with public services, such as
electricity, water, gas or cable TV network, without it being possible to claim any financial

The owner or his agent cannot be held responsible for the following: various accidents,
injuries, death, loss, theft, all works on building sites, various private events or events
organised by the authorities in the direct vicinity occurring during the rental of one of our
villas or apartments, any supplementary expenses due to delays or changes in the means of
transportation, all debts contracted by the customer, weather conditions, danger from the
sea or the lake, fires, various strikes, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, civil riots, war,
epidemics or quarantines.

ARTICLE 8: The customer's responsibility
The customer undertakes to do the following:
- To peacefully make use of the rented premises and to do nothing, by his own actions or by
the actions of other members of his household, that could disturb the tranquillity of the
neighbours or other occupants (disturbance, noise, odours, smoke or other); to meet the
charges of the municipality and of the police to which all tenants are bound; to refrain from
throwing away objects likely to obstruct the pipes of plumbing fixtures and other appliances,
failing which he will be liable for the costs incurred for returning this equipment to service; to
use the equipment and materials left at his disposal in strict accordance with their mode of
operation; to address damages and losses occurring during his occupation; to put up with
urgent works whose costs are the responsibility of the lessor and which might occur during
the rental period without the possibility of claiming any reduction in rent or compensation; to
allow the lessor to show the rented areas during the rental period for the purposes of selling
or renting, subject to 24 hours notice; to vacate the premises on the last day of the rental
period and return it in the state in which he took possession.

The tenant is prohibited from the following:
- The exercise of any trade, profession or industrial activity; substituting himself with any
person whatsoever, or subletting, even free of charge, the rented premises, except with the
lessor's written agreement; bringing in any animals without the written consent of the owner
or his agent; bringing in any furniture or furnishings other than linen and everyday items
necessary for his stay; changing the layout of furniture or areas; moving or exchanging
furniture and furnishings; attaching objects to the walls; organising parties in the rental
property. Any unacceptable behaviour may lead, if necessary, to the immediate expulsion of
customers from the property, without it being possible to claim any financial compensation.
Persons renting villas or apartments use the items made available to them relating to the
relevant rented property at their own risk (swimming pool, barbecue, plancha grill, etc.). The
owner or his agents declines all responsibility in the event of accidents or injuries caused
during their use. All minors (under 18) are under the responsibility of the accompanying
adults. The access of minors to the swimming pool and the lake can only be given under the
supervision and responsibility of the parents. Swimming is not supervised. For customers'
safety and out of respect for all, the owner or his agent prohibits any entry into the rented
property of persons offering illicit activities or illegal drugs.

ARTICLE 9: Loss, theft and damages

The customer undertakes to take care of furniture, household appliances, decorative objects,
floors, walls, exterior fittings and everything the property may contain. The customer is held
responsible for any damage, breakage or loss caused by himself or one of his companions
and will be obliged to pay for them. The customer must return the villa or apartment without
damage. In addition, the additional comfort materials provided (duvets, household linen,
remote control, hangers, drapery, etc.) must be returned in full. The owner or his agent
cannot be held liable in the event of loss, theft or damage to the personal belongings of his
tenants in the event of theft, destruction, etc., during their stay. The customer shall take the
usual precautions (closing windows, doors, etc.) during his absences and at night.

ARTICLE 10: Insurance
The tenant is responsible for all damages caused by himself, and is required to be covered
by a holiday insurance or civil liability policy for these varied risks. This can be provided to
you free of charge by your main home insurer. We decline all responsibility if the customer
has not made the necessary arrangements to this effect. The ANGEL SERVICES agency
shall also be responsible for taking out property insurance for damage caused by fire,
explosion or water damage, and for any claims from neighbours and third parties, as well as
damages to large moveable and immovable assets belonging to the owner of the rented
property (the insurance amount is included in the administrative costs). The tenant shall
nevertheless be liable for the excess amount (€60) and the deduction for obsolescence
applied by the insurance company.

This insurance policy is take out with TOKIO MARINE EUROPE INSURANCE LIMITED - 66
Rue de la Chaussée D'Antin - 75441 Paris Cédex 09- RCS Paris B-382096071.

ARTICLE 11: Cancellation of reservation by the owner or his agent
In the event of cancellation on the part of the owner or his agent, you will receive an
immediate reimbursement of all sums paid. The reservation contract may be automatically
terminated by the owner or his agent without this giving rise to the payment of any damages
to customers. If due to force majeure or any other cause not attributable to the company, the
accommodation cannot be occupied, the owner or his agent shall undertake to try to rehouse
the customer in alternative accommodation of equal or higher quality.

ARTICLE 12: Cancellation of the reservation by the customer
This contract may not be cancelled unless there is a prior written request by email or by
letter validated and signed by the owner or his agent. The effective cancellation date that is
taken into account is the date on which we receive your letter or email. A cancellation on
your part can only be registered if and only if it respects the following conditions:

- If a cancellation is registered more than thirty days before the arrival date and the rental
period has not been re-let at the same rate, the owner or his agent will keep the amount in
euros of the initial payment made on booking.
- If a cancellation is registered less than thirty days before the arrival date and the rental
period has not been rebooked, the owner or his agent shall keep the full rental amount. The
company will do its best to re-let the cancelled rental period. If the rental period is re-let
under the same conditions, the initial payment or the full amount for the stay shall be
returned to you. €250 shall be kept for the rental replacement costs. No reimbursement or
compensation shall be paid in the event of early departure from the accommodation,
whatever the cause.

ARTICLE 13: Modification in the event of a request from you
With regard to a change of the dates of your stay, we will consider a change of reservation
dates as a cancellation if we are not able to give you satisfaction.

ARTICLE 14: Making the villas and apartments available - Arrival and departure times
We ask that you send us an email or telephone us during the week preceding your arrival to
let us know your approximate arrival time. The keys are handed over from 4pm to 7pm. In
exceptional cases, and depending on the availability of people to ensure entry and exit,
arrival up to 10pm is also possible. This service is invoiced at €40 to be paid on arrival. We
cannot welcome you after 10pm. The keys must be returned no later than 10am on the day
of your departure. If this is not the case, an additional overnight stay will be invoiced.

ARTICLE 15: Photos
Photos found on the site cannot be used without the authorisation of the owner or his agent
under penalty of legal proceedings.

ARTICLE 16: Tobacco
The rented properties are non-smoking. In accordance with French law, smoking is
prohibited within the confines of the villas and apartments, whether in public areas or rooms.
Violation of this rule will result in the invoicing of an additional overnight stay, by way of
compensation for the impossibility of offering the villa or apartment for rental the following
night, and in accordance with our procedures for cleaning.

ARTICLE 17: Language
You cannot require the owner or his agent to communicate with you in a language other than

ARTICLE 18: Cleaning and household linen
The rental property will be delivered to you in a state of perfect cleanliness with - depending
on the property rented and the option chosen - a set of towels for each person as well as tea
towels, sheets and pillowcases. For your information, the washing, drying and putting away
of dishes and the property's kitchenware is not included in the cleaning service and are your
responsibility. The same applies when you definitively leave the apartment or villa. If the
dishes are not cleaned, dried and put away, the sum of 100 euros for villas and 50 euros for
apartments will be deducted from your deposit. The end-of-stay cleaning provided for in the
contract will be carried out in full if the rental property is accessible (tidy rooms and a
minimum of cleanliness allowing easy access to our cleaning team). If the rental property is
not left clean and with a minimum level of tidiness, the additional hours needed will be
invoiced and deducted from your deposit on the basis of €27 per hour excluding tax. If you
want any cleaning done or a change of linen during your stay, this service is available on
request (optional extra).

ARTICLE 19: Services
Services may vary depending on the type of accommodation. By signing the contract and
therefore accepting the GCS, the customer undertakes to pay for services used during his
stay before leaving the rented property.

ARTICLE 20: Validity and modification of the General Conditions of Sale
These conditions are effective from 1 January 2016 and remain so for an unlimited period.
The owner or his agent, however, reserves the right to modify them without notice. By
definition, the conditions applying during the customer's stay are those prevailing at the time
of the contractual reservation.

ARTICLE 21: Election of domicile
In the fulfilment of all obligations resulting from this contract, there will be solidarity and
indivisibility between the parties referred to in the above as tenants. and between the heirs
or representatives of the tenants in the event of death (subject to Article 802 of the Civil
Code). The signatory parties elect domicile as follows: the lessor at his home address and
the tenant at the address of the rented premises.

ARTICLE 21: Applicable law the settlement of disputes
The fact of reserving one of our residences implies full acceptance of our general conditions
of sale. In the event of a dispute that is not resolved amicably, the owner or his agent will file
a legal action, in French, with the Commercial Court of Annecy, which is declared to have
sole jurisdiction. These general conditions of sale are subject to French law. In the absence

of payment by the dates due, or in the event of a breach of one of the clauses of this
commitment, and eight days after a formal notice remaining unsuccessful, the lessor may
demand the immediate termination of this contract. The eviction of the tenant will take place
following a simple order of a judge in chambers. The costs of the proceedings will remain the
responsibility of the tenant. Unpaid rents will bear interest at the legal rate for the period that
runs from the due date to the effective payment date.